Birthday Candle theme Beauty and the Beast inspired


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Birthday Candle theme Beauty and the Beast inspired

Why don’t you convert the decoration of your cake into a decorative piece?

Immortalize the moment. Your wedding, anniversary, baptism or any other event may be different. Add a touch of magic to your event.
My pieces are handmade in cold porcelain (biscuit).
In some cases, I also use fabric or other materials.
The pieces can be made with the characteristics you choose, hair color, eyes, skin, work clothes or even nightclub sweater. Everything can be studied and modified to become a unique piece.

We can add details
Parts such as Cars, Motorcycles and Bikes are replica of iron or plastic that the customer can choose. Some models of cars and motorcycles do not exist for sale, so we can combine similar models or some other of your preference!

We emphasize that the value changes according to the degree of difficulty and richness of details.

We ask that you provide the maximum details, because after the finished piece I do not make changes.
The pieces are packed correctly with bubble wrap, and packaged in box, suitable for shipping.


Handcrafted in biscuit, beautiful piece of high quality.
Great for gifting that special person, handcrafted.


Brand Name: Kawaii Store
Customizable: Colors, number, name
Theme: Beauty and the Beast
Height: 8 cm approximately
Base: Plastic
Approximate weight: 55 grams
Expiration / Drying Time: 2 Weeks


Birthday Candle theme Beauty and the Beast inspired


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