Doutores Queima das Fitas


    Doutores Queima das Fitas


    Introducing our custom Pop of Doutores from Queima das Fitas!
    These unique, hand-crafted pops are perfect for adding a pop of color and originality to any celebration. Whether you’re commemorating the famous Queima das Fitas festival or just looking for a fun and delicious treat, our custom pops are sure to please.
    Handcrafted in cold porcelain,  these pops are unique pieces customized for those who want to gift.

    Queima das Fitas is a traditional Portuguese festival that takes place in several cities across the country, most notably in Coimbra. The festival marks the end of the academic year for students at the University of Coimbra and is typically celebrated in the second week of May. The festival is characterized by a week-long series of events and activities, including parades, concerts, and cultural performances. The highlight of the festival is the “Queima das Fitas” (Burning of the Ribbons) ceremony, in which students burn their academic ribbons in a bonfire as a symbol of the end of their studies. The festival is a time of celebration and revelry for both students and the local community, and it is considered one of the most important cultural events in Portugal.


    Doutores Queima das Fitas


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    queima das fitas

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